The Walking Dead: Did Hershel and The Governor Die; a Complete Major Character Death List?


Tonight’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead saw plenty of bloodshed and the death of some major characters on the show. While some of the characters we’ve been following over the years managed to survive, if only barely, others weren’t so lucky and we’re left wondering what will be next for the show without them.

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, then this article contains some major spoilers you won’t forgive yourself for uncovering on your own.

But if you did see this week’s episode ofThe Walking Dead and your eyes are no longer glazed over, you know that tonight saw the death of first Hershel and then The Governor among a slew of other minor characters.

Hershel was actually beheaded by The Governor, which was an event that sparked the war that destroyed the prison and splintered the survivors in Rick’s camp. But while Hershel’s death was brutal and lead to bloodshed, The Governor’s life didn’t last much longer as he was soon killed himself.

So who killed who tonight on The Walking Dead? We have a list here for you of the notable character deaths.

  • Hershel — killed by The Governor
  • Meghan — killed by a walker
  • The Governor — killed by Lily
  • Mitch — killed by Daryl

There were a ton of deaths on tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead but if you need to know of the most notable, those were it. Meghan’s may end up being less notable in the long run but in the short term it set The Governor off on a rampage that resulted in the prison being destroyed.

Who were you most sad to see die on The Walking Dead? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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