When Does The Walking Dead Season 4 Come Back?


The Walking Dead is taking a mid-season break after tonight’s episode aired on AMC. What this means is that the show will not be airing a new episode next week or for the foreseeable future.

If you’re worrying about the show being cancelled, this is normal for a hit show to take a break in the middle of a season, in fact it’s what Breaking Bad did in it’s final season as it split the season into two different halves. This has become standard operating procedure for television shows now so if you don’t see The Walking Dead on in December with new episodes, don’t panic.

So when does The Walking Dead return with all new episodes after it’s little mid-season break? If you’re wondering, you’ll have to wait until February. The series is taking a break until then to finish editing the episodes that just recently finished shooting, which means adding in post-production special effects for the Walkers and other necessary effects shots.

So far, there isn’t an exact date for The Walking Dead to return but we do know that the show is coming back in February with an untitled episode written by series creator Robert Kirkman.

Until then, you have a golden opportunity to catch up on past episodes of the show so that when it does return in February, you’ll be all ready to jump right back in with the action.

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