Californication Season 7 Premiere Date: When Will Hank Moody be Back?

We’re at the midseason point of the schedule for most television shows on right now but for some shows, their seasons haven’t even started yet. Both HBO and Showtime have shows that haven’t yet premiered their new seasons yet as Game of Thrones on HBO is still ahead of us in terms of premiere dates.

But another anticipated show yet to premiere it’s new season is Showtime’s excellent series Californication which stars David Duchovny as Hank Moody, an author who is trying to act his age even if he’s completely incapable of doing so for the sake of his relationships with his ex-wife and his daughter.

The show has been through six amazing seasons of brilliant writing and acting which has made it one of the hippest and coolest shows on television. Californication sinks it’s themes deep into rock and roll history with rock stars donating songs for use on the soundtrack to just appearing in cameos themselves.

There’s also the matter of the story itself which centers on Hank trying to balance his addiction to sex, drugs and rock and roll with the normal life his wife and daughter want to have with him. If you haven’t yet checked the show out, you’re really missing out on one of the gems currently on television.

For those who have seen the show, the next question is when will the seventh season be airing? There’s conflicting reports about the return date of the show as nothing has been officially announced. The last few seasons have premiered in January while The Futon Critic has April 2014 listed as the return date.

We’ll keep you posted on the return date for californication and when the show premieres, be sure to check FlickSided daily for the latest news, reviews and rumors about the show. To stay completely up to date on Califronicationsubscribe to the FlickSided newsletter to get the latest news sent right to your phone.

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