Paul Walker's Death: Police Suspect Second May Have Been Involved; Street Racing May Have Been Cause of Crash


The death of Paul Walker is still fresh in everyone’s mind as anytime someone is senselessly killed — especially at a young age — it’s a tragedy everyone can relate to. In the case of Walker’s death, new details are starting to emerge about the possibility of a second car being involved in the crash.

Obviously, only one car crash, although from the mangled mess of metal it’s hard to tell what was involved. But according to CNN, a tipster called in to investigators with a a possible lead that could help police discover what led to the fiery crash that killed the Fast and Furious star and his business partner.

According to the CNN report, police are looking into a second car potentially being involved in the incident, a car that didn’t crash but could have been racing Walker’s car or veered in front of it when it crashed into a light pole and exploded. There’s nothing much more to the tip but investigators are looking into the matter anyways.

A car enthusiast who was at the charity event Walker was attending when he was involved in the crash, noted that drag racing may not have been the factor that led to the fatal crash, rather a problem with the car did. CNN quotes Jim Torp, who was a witness to the crash, as saying he heard a loud pop before the crash occurred, something that has him believing that a tire could have blown out which caused the car to lose control.

It’s likely that the car was traveling at a high speed, which if a tire had blown out would have maximized the danger of the situation and turned it fatal. It’s a logical reason as to why the car veered out of control and into a light pole, but at this point in the investigation, all of these possibilities are mere speculation.

Investigators are still working out a cause for the crash and autopsy results of Walker’s body are expected to be known within the next few days, not that there’s much mystery about what happened after the crash.

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