Tyrese Breaks Down in Tears at Paul Walker Crash Site, Takes Debris With Him (Video)

This weekend saw everyone’s holiday weekend come to a jarring halt when news of Paul Walker’s death was announced after the actor died in a fiery crash in Santa Clarita. Walker was the passenger in a Porsche that lost control and crashed just outside of a charity event that the Fast and Furious actor was attending.

Now that we’re about 48 hours after the crash, friends and family are still trying toy cope wight he loss of Walker who was taken away from everyone much too soon. One of those friends of Walker’s was 2 Fast 2 Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson who reprised his role to co-star with Walker in two more Fast and Furious movies before Saturday’s crash.

We may have assumed that the co-stars ere lose but it wasn’t until Walker’s death that we started to get a real picture of how close everyone really was. This was further proven when Tyrese visited the crash site on Sunday where a vigil has been setup in honor of Walker.

Tyrese not only visited the crash site where Walker died but was overcome by emotions when he did. Video was posted of Tyrese’s visit to the site all over social media:

Tyrese also took some debris from the crash site to remember Walker by. It was an absolutely heartbreaking scene to see a man we’ve grown to know over the years a tough guy reduced to grasping at ashes as a means of hanging onto any piece of his dead friend that he could.

All of this is a painful reminder that what we see on the screen is just an illusion and that tragedy is very real and it affects more people than we possibly could imagine. Our thoughts remain with Walker’s family, his friends and his daughter that he leaves behind.

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