Gotham Awards 2013: Inside Llewyn Davis Wins Best Picture


The Gotham Awards were officially handed out last night in Los Angeles and the first major awards show of the year got everyone’s juices flowing for Oscar season. From this point forward, there are a slew of awards ceremonies that will honor the year’s best films but Monday night at the Gotham Awards was all about the best Indie films that 2013 had to offer.

When it came down to the Best Feature award, the winning film wasn’t what some were expecting and right off the bat will create a considerable amount of buzz moving forward with award ceremonies.

Since October, the Indie favorite has seemingly been the Steve McQueen directed 12 Years A Slave but the picture lost it’s first major award race when the Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis was awarded the Best Feature trophy. Now, this isn’t a total shock as anything the Coen Brothers come out with always gets considerable buzz come awards season, but unless you’ve been following the Indie circuit, Inside Llewyn Davis has pretty much come roaring out of nowhere and already has a major notch on it’s belt this award’s season.

This isn’t to say 12 Years A Slave has lost all of it’s momentum, as it’s still up for a number of awards across the board this year and is a lock to secure multiple Academy Award nominations. But the power the film had back in October is starting to wear a little and Inside Llewyn Davis is now a movie we have to take very seriously when it comes to the more mainstream awards.

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