Green Bay Packers Legend Vince Lombardi Getting Biopic from Legendary Pictures


This past summer, Legendary Pictures tok a break from it’s ugly divorce with Warner Bros to produce a sports biopic that seemingly has opened the floodgates for the studio. After producing 42, which told the story of Jackie Robinson and his rise to fame breaking the color barrier in baseball, Legendary is now setting their sights on another iconic sports figure for their next biopic.

According to Deadline, Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi is going to be getting the biopic treatment and the film has already found  director. All Is Lost director and Oscar hopeful J.C. Chandor has been hired by Legendary to write and then direct the Lombardi biopic.

There’s no release date yet penciled in, as the film is in the early stages of development and could still hit snags that delays the filmmaking process. But Legendary hit a proverbial home run with 42 and it’s clearly looking to follow that success up with another successful sports biopic.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a string of good sports biopics or even just good sports movies. They’re usually either dumbed way down for kids to the point where they sometimes even include dogs as teammates, or they’re just poorly executed. There are a handful of classic sports films like Hoosiers, A League of Their Own, Eight Men Out and Raging Bull that have gone against the grain, and a Vince Lombardi needs to do exactly that.

After all, the man the story will be based on became an icon going against the grain, which writes itself into the trailer tag lines straight away. This isn’t the only Vince Lombardi picture int he works though as ESPN Films has a script that would star Robert De Niro as the Green Bay Packers coach. It’s now a race to see who can produce the film first and who can do it better, but Vince Lombardi is getting the biopic treatment and Legendary is hellbent on getting their first.

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