Guillermo del Toro Horror TV Series 'The Strain' Releases Creepy Trailer (Video)

When Guillermo del Toro isn’t busy being one of the most visionary filmmakers in the business today, he’s apparently making terrifyingly creepy television series. That’s the case it seems with his new series FX called The Strain which is set to hit airwaves sometime in the near future.

Some thought that the trailer could be a viral teaser for the upcoming Godzilla movie but it’s since been largely confirmed that it’s one for The Strain.

The series is based on a trilogy of books that del Toro wrote with Chuck Hogan and was picked up by FX earlier this year. Del Toro is set to direct the series, although it’s unlikely that this will be something that sticks if he decides to continue the films he’s working on.

But the series looks to be one of the most interesting ones set for the future as if the trailer wasn’t weird enough for you, the details will just make you want to sink further into things. The Strain follows a vampire virus that begins to overtake New York before eventually overtaking the world.

How closely the series will follow the books is yet to be determined but given del Toro wrote the novels and is actively involved with the series, it’s a safe bet to assume things will be mirrored.

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