NBC Developing TV Series Based on The Wolfman


We’ve already seen NBC dig into it’s Universal catalog to revive the classic Dracula tale for the modern age and it appears that the fun won’t stop with just the one property. NBC is continuing to bring back classics from it’s monster movie past as Deadline is reporting that NBC is developing a series based on The Wolfman to go along with it’s horror show revivals.

Head writer and executive producer for Dracula Daniel Knauf is developing the series based on the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. feature that will combine elements of the classic with the 2010 reboot produced by Scott Stuber. In fact, Stuber is going to be coming on the project as a producer along with Knauf as the team is actively developing The Wolfman for likely a fall 2014 premiere date.

The The Wolfman is expected to be a part of NBC’s supernatural Friday night lineup that is anchored by the hit series Grimm and the new series Dracula which is serving as inspiration for reviving The Wolfman. There’s no telling if the series will work, but so far NBC is staying competitive and original on a night that is usually left for reruns or dying shows left to the wolves.

But NBC’s wolf is being developed to be a hit for the network and could draw some big names to the cast the way Dracula has been able to not only because of the promising future the supernatural block has, but because of the iconic status of the property.


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