The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Draws More Viewers Than Breaking Bad Finale


This past Sunday saw the midseason finale for The Walking Dead‘s fourth season and while it was a bloody and intense mess, the real question was how would the show do in the ratings game? After counting all the data, the numbers were released and the news was good for those connected with AMC and The Walking Dead. 

It was a ratings bonanza for The Walking Dead which officially drew over 12 million viewers for the midseason finale which was enough to best the insane Breaking Bad finale which drew just over 10 million viewers. So not only did The Walking Dead have a great night in the ratings game, but it bested even the Breaking Bad finale. 

That’s not a feat to scoff at and it set up The Walking Dead for a crazy second half of their fourth season when it premieres in February.

Until then though, Robert Kirkman, AMC and all those still involved with the show can rest easy knowing that their show is one of the most popular on television and that’s a trend that is looking like it will continue. The momentum was already through the roof for The Walking Dead and the 12.1 million viewers that watched the midseason finale will likely grow as the series continues to get more and more intense.

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