Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R.Kelly Lyrics Like Shakespeare

If you’ve ever heard Benedict Cumberbatch talk, you’ll instantly be in the large group of people that believe he has the coolest voice every. Just go watch the trailer for The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug in the theater and listen to his booming velvety smooth voice ooze through the speakers.

Jimmy Kimmel is a guy who recognizes a good opportunity when he sees one. Riding the success of Cumberbatch’s career to this point coupled with the release of The Hobbit 2 a mere week away, the actor appeared on Kimmel’s late night show to use his golden voice in a way we never imagined it. Cumberbatch sat calmly and seductively as he read lyrics by R. Kelly as though they were etched in stone by Shakespeare.

Largely seen as a serious thespian who eats Shakespeare for breakfast before doing major Hollywood movies like he’s jogging in the park, Cumberbatch has solidified a reputation as a serious actor. So when he comes on Jimmy Kimmel and does something hilarious like this, it takes people by surprise.

Of course, those who are fans of the BBC series Sherlock know that Cumberbatch has a humorous side but this stint on Kimmel further reminds us that not only is Cumberbatch a genius actor, he’s apparently filled with great comic relief as well.

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