Will Ferrell Hosting SportsCenter as Ron Burgundy Cancelled Due to Jameis Winston Decision Coverage


All week long and even longer we’ve been hearing about Will Ferrell coming to host ESPN SportsCenter in character as Ron burgundy from Anchorman 2. But while we were all looking forward to the show, the sports network has announced that the special guest hosting gig has been cancelled due tot he network’s ongoing coverage of the Florida State University scandal involving star quarterback Jameis Winston.


The reason for the cancellation stems from ESPN wanting to focus on the state of Florida’s decision on whether to pursue sexual assault charges on star Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, an announcement that will come at 2pm ET. But while the show with Will Ferrell was scheduled for the evening, ESPN is going to be dedicating all of it’s network coverage to reactions to whatever decision comes down.

It’s a bizarre instance where reality and fantasy overlap as the fake sportscast was something that would lighten up the mood but the seriousness of the sexual assault charges that could come down far outweigh the fun we were expecting.

Even though Ron Burgundy won’t be appearing on SportsCenter anymore, Anchorman 2 will still be hitting theaters nationwide on December 18.

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