Family Guy Bringing Brian Griffin Back From The Dead For Christmas Episode

family guy death-tiff

Fans of the hit show Family Guy have been beside themselves over the last few weeks in the wake of Brian Griffin being killed off the show. But it seems the panic and the sadness was unfounded as Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the show will be bringing Brian back from the dead for this year’s Christmas episode.

The episode is set to air on December 15th and knowledge that Brian is doing back from the dead will be news that makes fans petitioning for his resurrection feel a little stupid.

There was hysteria when Family Guy killed off Brian Griffin but now that he’s coming back, it sort of makes people look foolish for being so upset over the death of a fake cartoon dog. Still, Brian was perhaps one of the most liked characters on the show and when he was killed off, many almost abandon the show altogether.

News that Brian is coming back flies in the face of reports directly from Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy producers who stated the dog was dead for good. We don’t know the extent of his return, whether it’s a Christmas ghost or a Christmas miracle, but either way Brian Griffin is coming back and fans are already rejoicing.

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