X-Men Apocalypse Will Be Direct Sequel to X-Men Days of Future Past?


Yesterday, director Bryan Singer made a surprise announcement on Twitter when he tweeted the name and release date for another X-Men movie that will follow this summer’s X-Men Days of Future Past. But we’re starting to learn just how closely the second movie will follow Days of Future Past as Bleeding Cool is reporting that the newly announced movie will indeed be a direct sequel to this summer’s film.

Having a film follow Days of Future Past directly means that we’ll have recreated a trilogy for Bryan Singer, despite the fact he didn’t direct the first X-Men movie in this updated trilogy. But Singer directed the first two films of the previous trilogy which means things are coming full circle with him hopping on for the last two films of this trilogy.

Bleeding Cool isn’t confirming that the movie will be direct sequel but more than enough evidence is in existence to heavily suggest this. From the fact that Bryan Singer is clearly behind X-Men Apocalypse to the fact that Bleeding Cool states they thought that Apocalypse was going to be in this summer’s film until yesterday’s announcement of a new film altogether.

Either way, it’s an exciting time for X-Men fans and with word of a Fantastic Four crossover universe being crafted, the excitement should only continue to rise.

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