Boardwalk Empire Season 5 to Be Final Season of HBO Show?


The fourth season of Boardwalk Empire recently wrapped up but it looks like the end of the series may be near as well. According to a pretty cryptic report from the HBO lot, Boardwalk Empire might the wrapping up after only five seasons on the air.

The reporting comes from both ScreenCrushUproxx and who are running with a quote from a 4Chan report stating the end is near for Boardwalk Empire. 

It’s not official yet. It’s just rumblings I’ve heard throughout the office. First it was 10 episodes, then maybe 9 and now I believe they’ve settled on 8. This probably won’t be announced for some time until HBO figures out their schedule and budgets I’m sure but I’ve been told that 5 will be the last season.

Nothing is official and HBO has made no public announcement even hinting that the show is close to ending. Still, if we totally take the “insider scoop” angle out of the mix here, it would make sense for HBO to want to possibly end the series before it outlives itself.

After all, we saw Breaking Bad end after five seasons when the show was not only one of the most popular and well written shows on television, but it could have lasted forever, albeit not at the high quality it ended with. The same might go for Boardwalk Empire, so even if the report ends up going nowhere, the end of the series in the near future might be something fans want to consider even if nobody wants to.

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