Gotham TV Series Will Feature 10-Year Old Bruce Wayne


A few months ago we learned that FOX had won the right to get the pilot episode to a Batman spinoff series that will follow Jim Gordon as he rises the ranks of the Gotham police force. Not much else is known about the series but details are starting to trickle in that are giving us an idea of what the show will entail.

One of the details that has emerged follows up on something we were hearing last week about how Batman won’t be appearing in the show. The reasoning behind the decision was that Batman won’t exist in this world we’ll follow and a report today seems to be in line with this.

According to, who went snooping around TV audition postings and found that Gotham is casting a 10-year old Bruce Wayne. This backs up that report that Batman won’t exist in this Gotham world because he’s still a small boy.

The earlier report also stated the first murder on the show will be of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce’s parents, so the connection to Batman won’t be nonexistent, rather it will be subtle. There’s no premiere date yet for Gotham but we do know that the show should be on the Fall 2014 schedule, perhaps deeper into the winter season.

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