Rumor: Batman vs. Superman Will Feature Two Villains?


We’re just a few months away from shooting starting on Batman vs. Superman and the cast is starting to fill out nicely. We learned this week that Gal Gadot will belaying Wonder Woman in the movie and today we are hearing a rumor that two villains will be appearing in the movie.

Now, there’s very little to this rumor but rather the value of thinking about the villains is what you should take away from this. According to Batman-News and Batman-On-Film, there are going to be two Superman villains to appear in Batman vs. Superman but we don’t know who they’re going to be.



As you can see, this is hardly a scoop and you shouldn’t at all take this as hard news. Rather, with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman now cast for the film, we need to shift our focus to who the villains will be in the film.

Of course, this while project has started as a Man of Steel sequel that evolved into a Batman movie and with Wonder Woman it could become a Justice League movie. Lex Luthor has been rumored from the start to be involved in the movie but who else could appear is something we want to start thinking about.

Remember, this isn’t a hard scoop or anything you should believe, but start thinking about who the villains will be in the movie  because we certainly will.

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