Family Guy Airs New Intro That Replaces Brian Griffin with Vinny (Video)


It’s been a few weeks since the hit FOX show Family Guy decided to kill off a popular character and replace him with a new one. Brian Griffin was killed off back at the end of November and was replaced in the same episode by a new dog named Vinny, voiced by The Sopranos actor Tony Sirico. Tonight we saw the first new episode since Brian’s death and fans in denial about the character being killed off the show won’t be happy.

This week, a new opening credits scene was introduced that replaced Brian with Vinny. posted a video that showed the new intro sans Brian Griffin:

This isn’t what Family Guy fans want to see, especially those still in denial about Brian’s death. There’s a rumor that he will be coming back for next week’s Christmas episode but that isn’t calming the masses much, especially now that everyone’s favorite talking alcoholic dog has been replaced in the opening credits.

We will have to wait and see the capacity of Brian’s return next week but it’s starting to look like either Family Guy is going all out in punking their audience or Brian Griffin truly is dead and the show has already moved on from him.

Do you think Brian is dead? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

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