Guardians of the Galaxy: Bradley Cooper Says He Didn't Know About Comic Before Movie


This summer marks the release of a Marvel film not many people know much about. usually when the uber-studio releases a movie, it’s based around one of their well established comic book characters. But when it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy, not many people are familiar with the source material and that includes actors who agreed to do the movie.

Bradley Cooper is finally entering the world of comic book movies and he’s doing so in the role of a machine-gun wielding raccoon. Cooper talked with Collider recently and admitted that he hadn’t really heard of Guardians of the Galaxy before signing on to so the project.

I wasn’t familiar with the comic at all and then I really loved it, and I love that character. He’s incredible that character. You know, one thing we debated was … he’s seen as a cockney accent sometimes, so we talked about whether we’d do that or do this sort of other guy from the city a little bit.

The character is actually pretty cool in one of those borderline cheesy ways, as a cocky raccoon with a bandana and machine guns is just awesome any way you slice it. Having Cooper now attached to the role as the voice of the character adds to it’s appeal even if the actor didn’t know much about the character beforehand.

We shouldn’t think too much of this as most of Cooper’s roles are taken without much knowledge of who they are beforehand as they’re created fresh from the script. But this does highlight how low-key a story Guardians of the Galaxy is and shows that Marvel might have a surprise hit on their hands.

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