NFL Concussion Book 'League of Denial' To Be Adapted Into TV Movie


Right now, concussions are the focus of the NFL as years of having men ravage their bodies and their minds for the sport is starting to catch up with everyone. The book ‘League of Denial’ details the devastating effects of brain injuries and long term brain damage that numerous NFL players have endured over the years and highlights how the NFL is largely at fault.

The book has become a best-seller and it was turned into a documentary by PBS and now it looks like the book is going to be getting the movie treatment. According to Variety, ‘League of Denial’ is going to be adapted into a television movie in the near future which just means the issue of head injuries in the NFL is not going to go away anytime soon.

Not much else is known about the TV movie and it’s not the first time we’ve heard a movie is coming. Ridley Scott is reportedly interested in adapting the book into a big screen movie but he might also be involved with this production as well. Either way, the NFL hasn’t really enjoyed the finger being pointed at them whenever a former player commits suicide because of brain damage they suffered playing the game, and a TV movie of the book isn’t going to get them off the hot seat, it’s only going to make more people away of the dangerous issue.

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