Tom Cruise Working on Jack Reacher Sequel Called 'Never Go Back'


In the history of movies, there hasn’t been a character able to compete with the longevity of James Bond, as the character has been around for 50 years and has starred in as many as 23 movies — 24 if you count Never Say Never Again. But Tom Cruise isn’t about to let James Bond just stroll away with the trophy of the only secret agent character with any longevity as he’s pushing forward with another Jack Reacher movie.

According to Deadline, Cruise and Paramount are working together to create another Jack Reacher movie based off of a book that was published last year. The movie will apparently be called Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which is dangerously close to sounding like it wants to be a James Bond movie.

The first Jack Reacher movie was a mild success but it partnered Cruise with writer and director Christopher McQuarrie, someone Cruise liked so much he brought onboard for Mission Impossible 5 due out in 2015.

Another Jack Reacher film looked possible given the respectable box office returns it had, but is this Cruise making a run at the James Bond legacy? He’s not a young man anymore so he can’t be in the role forever, but Jack Reacher is an American answer to James Bond it seems and Cruise looks to at the very least be taking a run at Jason Bourne’s standing in giving the British Secret Agent some competition.

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