Star Wars Films May Be Coming to Netflix Very Soon, Say Disney


When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars last year, we knew some changes were going to be coming to the franchise. The first of those changes was restarting the franchise and creating new films but the question of what will happen to the old films is one we’ve been wondering for a while.

Netflix is a streaming giant and boasts some of the biggest titles for their subscribers to enjoy, but not every big title is available. Star Wars has long been a hold out from Netflix but Disney is apparently looking to change that as according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is eyeing a deal with Netflix not unlike the one they have for their Marvel films.

Netflix has a deal with Disney in which they get to stream their Marvel catalog, which is why you can find the likes of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and The Avengers on Netflix all the time. A similar deal is being eyed for Disney’s Star Wars films but it’s far from being a done deal.

Disney CFO Jay Rasulo hinted that Netflix could be their Star Wars partner but wisely didn’t close the door on Amazon or Hulu Plus. Either way it’s looking like Star Wars isn’t far away from coming to a streaming service near you, the only question is which one will get the coveted deal?

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