Ed Helms to Star in Remake of 'The Naked Gun' Movies


It’s goofy and silly but it’s also a beloved movie franchise — one that is coming back to a theater near you as a remake. According to Variety, The Naked Gun movies are getting the reboot treatment and The Hangover star Ed Helms in going to be taking over the lead role previously filled by Leslie Nielsen.

Per Variety:

Detective Frank Drebin is coming back with Ed Helms on board to portray Leslie Nielsen’s character in Paramount’s reboot of “The Naked Gun” comedy franchise.

The studio has tapped the scripting team of Thomas Lennon and R. Ben Garant — best known for the “Night at the Museum” and “Reno 911″ franchises, to write the screenplay as a new spin on the Drebin character.

Helms hasn’t yet established himself as a leading man in Hollywood yet and is still largely viewed as one of the best supporting actors in comedy. From his TV work on The Office to his film work on The Hangover trilogy, we’ve seen Helms own a supporting role better than most in a comedy film.

But he looks like he can carry a film as it’s lead and we will apparently see if he can do that with The Naked Gun reboot. He’s starred in leading roles before but nothing on the scale of major reboot like this one will be but he seems suited to fit the role perfectly.

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