Family Guy Brings Brian Griffin Back from Dead


When the hit FOX show killed off one of it’s main characters in the family dog Brian Griffin, fans literally could not take it. Fans immediately went into denial and looked for any hint of the character coming back, despite the fact that producers said the character was gone and even replaced him with a brand new character.

Tonight’s episode no doubt revolved around Brian’s death but the question was would he actually come back or would Stewie’s wishes not be answered. One question we had even if Brian did come back was in what capacity would he return. It could be a Christmas miracle and he could be brought back to life, but it could be a Christmas ghost as well.

When the episode finally came, we discovered that Brian was indeed brought back as Stewie found a way to steal his time machine pad from a version of himself he sent into the future. There was a heartfelt goodbye though between Stewie and Vinny who worked together to get the time pad back to save Brian.

But Brian Griffin is officially back, as Stewie traveled to the moment right before Brian was hit by a car and saved his life. Fans who threw giant fits about Brian getting killed, like spoiled children who got the wrong gift for Christmas, must now look at themselves in the mirror over the hysteria that was caused over a fake cartoon dog getting killed when he was never really gone the whole time.

There was also the horribly embarrassing overreaction about Peter Griffin’s gag suicide in last week’s episode, claiming that Seth MacFarlane was killing off characters.

Brian is back though and fans got the Christmas miracle they wanted.

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  • MaximumOvertroll

    week one, Meg dies from septic shock, week 2 Brian killed by a car, week 3, Peter blows his fucking brains out. Oh, we believe you Seth, sure we do.

  • Marvin P.

    This REALLY annoyed me! I mean, most writers know you don’t f*ck with the viewers like that. Have an entire episode dedicated to Brian’s death that they had been teasing since Spring, just to go “Whoops! Gotcha! Ha ha ha!” What’s worse is, they didn’t bring him back in response to fan outrage. Episodes are made months in advance. They did this solely to f*ck with people. It’s a Deus Ex Machina, and people REALLY hate those!

    I hate to sound like a whiny Comic Book Guy here, but they really left a sour taste in my mouth with that. I mean, out of the two characters that could’ve been killed, killing off Meg would’ve made more sense (they even could’ve added in a subplot about her going to Heaven and being beautiful and hot and the family and town finally giving her the respect she deserved after life), but that would’ve meant no Mila Kunis. So of course, fans were upset when Brian died. Upset, yes, but willing to take it.

    So to do that, and then go “Gotcha!” is just all kinds of f*cked up to viewers. Especially considering Family Guy isn’t exactly a new show. It’s pretty easy to quit watching permanently, at this point. It’s just barely staying fresh.

  • thefinalword

    I actually wondered if it was gonna be a permanent death, or at least last the 6 episodes vinny’s voice actor was contracted to do. Apparently though they didn’t waste any time in bringing him back, doing it before christmas was nice of them though.