Peter O'Toole, 'Lawrence of Arabia' Star, Dead at Age 81

Peter O'Toole In 'Lawrence Of Arabia'

Sunday is a sad day in the world of movies as an acting legend has passed away at the ripe old age of 81. You can’t say that Peter O’Toole didn’t live a full and successful life and it’s going to be hard to see the likes of him in Hollywood again. Peter O’Toole died Sunday at the age of 81

O’Toole isn’t as well known to younger audiences as he was back in the day when he star was burning it’s brightest. He’ll be best remembered for his iconic role in the classic film Lawrence of Arabia’ but O’Toole’s acting resume is longer and more impressive than most actors can hope for in their careers.

In addition to his legendary role in Lawrence of Arabia, O’Toole starred in such classics as Man of La Mancha, Lion in the Winter, and The Stuntman among so many others. He garnered eight Academy Award nominations in his career that spanned from 1960 until the day he died.

Despite being one of the most well respected actors of his generation, O’Toole never was able to win an Academy Award despite all of his chances. He did take home four Golden Globes as well as an Emmy Award but the Oscar infamously eluded him throughout his career.

That doesn’t make his career one to not be proud of, as actors strive to have the kind of ride O’Toole did. His career has come to an end and just like any working actor today, O’Toole never slowed down until the say he died.

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