Weinstein Company Developing Rounders, Shakespeare in Love Sequels


Back in the 90s, the Weinstein’s made a name for themselves on the independent film scene with their company Miramax which reached out to the up and coming voices in Hollywood as well as those not yet being heard. In the process, Miramax helped launch the careers of Quentin Tarantino, Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith, Matt Damon, Edward Norton and others.

The company seemingly vanished from the face of the earth but Deadline is reporting that the Weinstein Company and Miramax are back in business together and are going back to the 90s well to generate content for this new partnership. According to the report from Deadline, this means that Miramax classics like Shakespeare in Love and Rounders will be getting sequels developed starting right away.

The new venture will get off the ground quickly with sequels to the Best Picture Oscar winner Shakespeare In Love and Rounders

There’s mixed emotions about the move to produce sequels to both films as it’s been over a decade and a half since the release of the films and we’re just now getting sequels.

It’s likely that the films could be reboots, which seems like a terrible idea, but both movies could be revisited with the original characters but only older. It’s hard to see Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Ben Affleck and others willing to come back to films they made in their 20s now that their much older, but Miramax is bringing the movies back and anything is possible.

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