Josh Gad Cast in Gilligan's Island Remake

In a world where everything is rebooted, remade or spun off, we assumed that some things were still sacred. But with news that Josh Gad has been cast as an iconic television character, we now know that nothing at all is sacred. According to Deadline, Gad has been cast in a remake of the classic television series Gilligan’s Island.

Per Deadline:

Warner Bros is charting a course for a feature film based on the series. It will be fashioned as a star vessel for Book Of Mormon‘s Josh Gad. Gad, Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez will write the script. Lloyd Schwartz, Ross Schwartz, Tracey Silvers and Cathy Silvers will be executive producers. They’re not saying what character Gad would play, but the title character seems a possibility, though he could conceivably play The Skipper.

We don’t know which iconic television character Gad will be playing as Gilligan and the Skipper are both possibilities for Gad. It’s more likely that Gad would be playing the Skipper but at this point it’s too early to tell.

The main thing people are taking away from this though is that Gilligan’s Island is being made into a big screen remake which shows nothing at all is sacred these days and more remakes of iconic classics can now be expected.

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