Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise Looking to Team up for Movie about Ford and Ferrari


The movie world isn’t always blessed with epic on-screen duos featuring major A-List stars but when that sort of thing happens, it’s usually pretty entertaining. Not counting the types of ensemble pieces like Expendables 3, when two stars go head to head in a movie like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro did in Heat, moviegoers pretty much always win.

We could be getting another epic cinematic showdown between 90s A-listers as The Hollywood Reporter has a scoop that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise may be looking to team up for the film Go Like Hell.

Cruise and Pitt have ben teamed together before, as the film Interview With a Vampire was the only time we’ve seen the two actors cross paths on the movie screen. But 20 years later, with Pitt riding high and Cruise needing a career revival, Go Like Hell seems like the perfect project to bring the stars back together again.

The film focuses on the battle between Ferrari and Ford and their race to motor sport glory. Cruise would be playing car designer Carroll Shelby with Pitt signing on to play his rival. Both actors have busy schedules upcoming as Cruise is set to star in the next Mission Impossible movie while Pitt is slated to start World War Z 2 within the next year.

But the two actors loo to be getting together again and most of our tickets are already bought.

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