Kevin Smith, 'Clerks' Heading Back to Sundance for Anniversary Screening

It’s been 20 years since a chubby kid from Highlands, New jersey pooled together all the money he had from his credit cards and comic book collection in order to shoot a movie. That chubby kid was Kevin Smith and the film ended up being the independent classic Clerks.

Both Smith and his first feature are headed back to Sundance this year as the film has been added to the screening list according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Smith is really the epitome of a Sundance story as each year millions of indie filmmakers attempt to get their films screened at the prestigious festival in the hopes of securing a deal with a distributor. Not every filmmaker there is an up and comer as some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces appear to try and get their passion projects picked up.

But when it comes to Smith, he’s a Sundance darling as his rags for ices story is really the fantasy of every young or unknown filmmaker bringing a project to Sundance. Smith has talked at length about the process in which his film was chosen basically out of a stack, and from that came a career in Hollywood, a family and home in the Hollywood Hills.

Smith has never been shy about what he calls his luck at getting into Sundance but the festival surely hasn’t forgotten his story and the role the festival played in his future career. The screening for Clerks will take place on January 24th at midnight and is expected to be followed by a Q&A with Kevin Smith to cap things off.

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