Batman vs. Superman: New Superman Costume Being Designed


We’re still a few months away from shooting officially beginning on the Zack Snyder film Batman vs. Superman but there’s still significant buzz around things happening behind the scenes. With all of the major roles seemingly cast, with Joaquin Phoenix being the latest big name rumored to be joining, buzz has shifted to the look of the film and the costumes that will be worn.

In Man of Steel, we saw an updated version of the Superman costume and it’s sounding like we are going to get a new suit again in Batman vs. Superman. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson spoke recently about the new look of Superman as well as the fact that a Wonder Woman suit will be constructed.

Not a whole lot of detail was given about either costume and it’s still possible that we may  not actually see the Wonder Woman suit on Gal Gadot in the movie. Making a suit doesn’t guarantee that it will be worn as we could get an Iron Man style tease where the suit is seen and mentioned but not actually put on.

As for Superman, the suit from Man of Steel was modernized and looked fine, so any tweaks made could come in the form of a Dark Knight style change that allows the suit to be more comfortable of Henry Cavil and makes sense in terms of the story. Batman’s suit is rumored to be modeled after a Jim Lee design which means al three superheroes will have new looks for the new film.

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