Jon Hamm stars in first trailer for 'Million Dollar Arm' (Video)

We’ve been hearing awhile about Jon Hamm’s first lead role in a film and from the sounds of it, the picture had a lot going for it. The theme was sports, something Hamm has proclaimed he’s a nut for in the past, and the film was being produced by Disney, who owns ESPN.

ESPN was even producing the picture in a way as personality Bill Simmons signed on to executive produce but despite all everything looking like it had lined up well for Hamm, we forgot that Million Dollar Arm would be saturated with Disney safety and sappiness and after seeing the trailer, that is unfortunately true.

Ham deserves to be a leading man in Hollywood as he has the the talent and he has the looks as well. But staring in a Disney rip off of Jerry Maguire isn’t e best way to start. The movie’s premise revolves around a down on his luck sports agent who loses his biggest client and must find a way to make living. His idea is to find the first Major League pitcher from India which sends him on a quest in which he’ll discover the world and discover himself.

It looks like a great family movie but Jon Hamm deserves better and hopefully this is just a favor to Simmons for allowing him to host the ESPYs a few years back.

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