Kevin Costner Tries to Save the Cleveland Browns in first Draft Day Trailer (Video)

At last year’s NFL Draft in New York, director Ivan Reitman and his team of actors that included Kevin Costner, Frank Langella and Denis Leary were all present to film a movie called Draft Day. We didn’t know much about the film at the time but thanks to he first trailer getting released today, we now have a better grasp on the story.

It’s incredibly difficult to make a good sports movie and this marks the second trailer in two days to be based around the world of sports. It’s not dancing around sports, it’s not involving sports, this is pretty much NFL: The Movie as it’s hard to determine what we see more of in the trailer — Kevin Costner walking around saying how much of an under appreciated genius he is or real NFL highlights.

The story revolves around Costner’s charter named Sonny Weaver, the fictional general manager of the Cleveland Browns. After trading for the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft he must both discover himself while he discovers the player that will save the Browns franchise.

Honestly, while it looks much better than Million Dollar ArmDraft Day still looks like it might fall into the cheesy tropes that only Jerry Maguire and a select others have been able to pull off. It also doesn’t help that Reitman’s last two movies were No Strings Attached and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, but with an impressive cast and the full cooperation of the NFL, Draft Day will at the very least have the largest audience in American in it’s back pocket on opening weekend. 

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