Best Christmas Horror Movies to Creep Out Your In-Laws

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It’s Christmas which means not only do we get to sit back, relax and open presents with the family but we also have to deal with the dreaded in-laws as well. We thought Thanksgiving would be it but it was just the appetizer to having to spend an extended period of time with them again.

But one sure-fire way to make sure the in-laws stay in line — or get the heck out of Dodge — is to take control of the Christmas movie viewing schedule and throw in some unloved, unwanted and unholy Christmas classics. That’s right, Halloween isn’t the only time you can bust out the horror movies there are plenty of holiday themed horror movies floating out there at your disposal.

So if you want the in-laws to get in line, or if you’re just a horror fan looking for a way to spice up the holidays, then look no further than this list of the best Christmas themed horror movies. 

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