James Bond Quasi-Prequel 'Fleming' Gets First Official Trailer (Video)

We’re still watching the developments on Bond 24 very closely as the film hits theaters in little under two years now, but that doesn’t mean 2014 won’t be without some James Bond action. BBC America is honoring Bond creator Ian Fleming with his own movie and the first trailer makes it look less like an introspective look inside the mind of Fleming and more like a Bond quasi-prequel.

The action packed trailer shows Flemings life as a spy in World War II, something that is actually factual. A lot of the basis for the James Bond character came out of Fleming’s own espionage experiences in helping the British counter the Nazi take over of Europe in the 1940s.

But while there is truth to Fleming’s past in the trailer, a lot of it seems over-exaggerated and a little hard to believe. There’s still hope that the film will be interesting but for those hoping for a look inside of Fleming’s mins while creating Bond, you won’t find that here.

For those wanting a warped James Bond prequel film, look no further than Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond which premieres on BBC America on January 29th.

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