Rumor: Denzel Washington being eyed for Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman?


At some point in early 2014, Warner Bros will officially begin shooting on Batman vs. Superman, and we’ve already seen the cast of the film start to fill out ahead of that date. From most of the cast of Man of Steel returning to Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot joining the cast as Batman and Wonder Woman respectively, fans are wondering what other big names could be added before filming begins.

The Batman casting opened the door to a different kind of DC movie but casting Wonder Woman seems to have opened the door to heavy speculation about Batman vs. Superman actually being a Justice League movie. That’s likely the fuel behind the latest casting rumor which has Denzel Washington being eyed to play Green Lantern.

Nuke the Fridge is reporting on a rumors they reportedly got from their own sources that Washington is being eyed for the Green Lantern role. We need to be cautious about this rumor as it’s right now only coming from one source, but if the rumor ends up being true, it means that a Justice League movie is very likely happening.

Even if the Denzel Washington part of the rumor is false, all fans need is the Green Lantern casting search to be true to keep hope alive that Batman vs. Superman will be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers. Nothing is close to being official yet, but if Green Lantern is being cast by Warner Bros, then Zack Snyder’s picture is a lot bigger than we could have ever imagined.

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  • thefinalword

    Denzel is 58 years old. He better be ready to use that power ring to make a walking cane. This probably would have been a great rumor i don’t know… 30 or 40 years ago!

    • wat

      Denzel is still in great shape for his age. Most actors are when they’re in their late 50s, early 60s. Look at Stalone and Schwarzenegger.

      • Andrew Arnold

        Eww, do I have to?

      • awnuce360

        I agree. I think Denzel could believably play the role for another 10 years and that’s really the most mileage that DC can probably hope to get out of any franchise actor at this point. Plus, I think diversity in age would be a good thing. We can’t have every role played by 30 to 40 year olds.

        • wat

          Agreed. A team of all young, new guys would be boring. Ideal teams have diversity in personality and maturity.

  • wat

    Idris Elba is the optimal choice for the role (he looks exactly like John Stewart plus he naturally has that wise, responsible vibe that a Green Lantern is supposed to have) but if this rumor is true, I’m not mad at all. Denzel is an exceptional actor and is in pretty decent shape for his age and he can also pull off the aforementioned wise, responsible vibe. With some physical training and a shaved head, Denzel would make a great Green Lantern. He already has the acting down pact. I still say Idris Elba over him though.

    • thefinalword

      That’s something I can agree with. Idris Elba should get the part. While I’ve never seen a Denzel Washington film I didn’t like, he isn’t the best casting choice for the long run.

      • wat

        For the long run, yeah, I’d agree. Since these movies take forever to produce, he would end up being too old by the third film or so.

  • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

    Fuck no. Idris Elba is a way better fit

  • steve c.

    Edris Elba also has ties to Marvel. Recent ties I might add. It just feels like they don’t want to have anything to do with any actor who has worked with Marvel since Marvel Studios started their first phase of movies. It isn’t like Affleck who played a Marvel character over a decade ago for Fox. That is far enough behind him for the studio to take a chance.

    Not sure it’s a wise move to introduce a black green lantern after having a white one so soon on film. Think it would be in Warner’s best interest to redeem Green Lantern and perhaps feature a John Stewart version in his own movie first before introducing him to the world suddenly in a Justice League movie. *shrug* Just my opinion though.

    This crap is all speculation though. There is an article about casting choices or movie developments every other day when mostly they have no more information then the previous time they posted an article about the subject.

    • wat

      Why do people insist on bringing up the Marvel stuff? Marvel and DC have no problem sharing actors. Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, etc. Also it’s not too soon after the white one. Remember BvS comes out in 2015, meaning it’s a whole four years after Ryan Reynolds’ disaster that everyone forces themselves not to remember.

  • Andrew Arnold

    Who wants a geriatric Green Lantern? How about Morgan Freeman then?

  • Hfxhooligan

    Seems to me if this is a JL , it’s rushed , and will suffer from not developing the characters of WW, Flash and Green Lantern. Avengers benefited from RECENT film history of the principle characters.

    People will wonder why GL is suddenly African American, basically no WW back-story,and is Flash being moved from the Arrow TV show.?

    Don’t get any positive vibes about this film unfortunately.

  • SmileyOfChaos

    Idris Elba would be a perfect John Stewart and Jaimie Alexander would be a perfect Wonder Woman. Who else from Asgard would be great for a competing superhero?

    • wat

      I think people are overrating Jaimie Alexander. What exactly makes her a perfect Wonder Woman?

      • SmileyOfChaos

        She has shown with her Sif character that she’s equally easy on the eyes as she is badass with a sword and shield, and it helps that she has more or less just the right physique. Maybe buff up a little more but even if she didn’t she’d look the part perfectly. Great mix of beauty, character look-alike, ferocity, and acting skill…amazing she wasn’t chosen and the way-too-skinny-looks-nothing-like-Wonder Woman-Gal Gadot was. Antje Traue (Faora Man of Steel) would also be a good choice.

        • wat

          She actually has the EXACT same measurements as Gal Gadot. They’re both equally skinny. People just didn’t notice because of her armor, plus a little movie magic. The same will benefit Gal Gadot. Plus, in my opinion, Gal has that exotic look that an Amazonian is supposed to have. It’s unique. Jaimie Alexander is just another white woman. I think WB did an excellent job casting her, as far as looks go. The only thing in question is her acting, which I believe will be pretty good since she’ll be under the guidance of both Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck, plus the writers (which includes the writer of Argo). Before Gal Gadot was announced, I too was on the Jaimie bandwagon (mostly because I couldn’t think of someone better), but I’m happy with their pick. They know what they’re doing.

          Here’s a pic of Jamie Alexander’s REAL body type. She didn’t even bulk up for Thor like Gal Gadot is doing for Batman vs. Superman.

          • SmileyOfChaos

            Yes she carries it very well though. Unless Gal bulks up quite a damn bit (which doesn’t seem like it would look right on her), she just looks way too petite in both her skinny frame and face. Doesn’t look like the kind of woman who can get angry and make me say, “Daaaaaamn” in the theaters. Jaimie however, as I said, exudes that kind of attitude even now without being muscled up. Plus I’m a little worried about Gal’s super-thick accent which doesn’t sound at all like Wonder Woman has been voiced in the past. Hopefully they can pull it off but until I’m convinced otherwise with sneak peeks or a trailer I’ll be a skeptic.

          • wat

            Well just have to wait and see. Us fans never know what the hell we’re talking about when it comes to casting, lol. I believe in Snyder/Affleck/the Argo writer guy. I have faith in the direction they’re going.

          • SmileyOfChaos

            Oh yes Snyder has proven me wrong before that’s for sure. I honestly didn’t like Nolan’s The Dark Knight (Begins was good and Rises was alright until the Talia al Ghul reveal), so was like I dunno about Man of Steel. But Snyder was also on board and it turns out it was my favorite movie of the year. We will see indeed.

          • wat

            That’s strange you have BB and TDKR over TDK. :P

          • SmileyOfChaos

            Lol Begins was good and Rises was awesome until Bane was revealed to be a loverboy goon, after that everything started to unravel. TDK though wasn’t all that good in my book. The Joker was cool and all, but I hated the actress swap and thought it was way too boring. I love some movies that others find boring, but that wasn’t one of them. Dark Shadows and Ghost Rider 2 are the only worse movies I think I’ve seen through to the end.

          • wat

            I personally thought TDK was the most exciting and Begins was the most boring. But I agree about TDKR. Numerous plot holes aside, it really was awesome until the cliche “real villain” thing was revealed.

  • famavolat

    At what point are people going to realize that this is no longer “Batman vs Superman,” but Justice League?

  • Justin

    I am no actor, nor am I in the industry in any fashion. I can say with some confidence there is no way Denzel Washington plays the Green Lantern John Stewart. I love Denzel, but this is not happening. I like the Idris Elba angle. I think he has the acting chops, recent star power and physical presence to obliterate a character like John Stewart. Elba for Stewart!