Rumor: Denzel Washington being eyed for Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman?


At some point in early 2014, Warner Bros will officially begin shooting on Batman vs. Superman, and we’ve already seen the cast of the film start to fill out ahead of that date. From most of the cast of Man of Steel returning to Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot joining the cast as Batman and Wonder Woman respectively, fans are wondering what other big names could be added before filming begins.

The Batman casting opened the door to a different kind of DC movie but casting Wonder Woman seems to have opened the door to heavy speculation about Batman vs. Superman actually being a Justice League movie. That’s likely the fuel behind the latest casting rumor which has Denzel Washington being eyed to play Green Lantern.

Nuke the Fridge is reporting on a rumors they reportedly got from their own sources that Washington is being eyed for the Green Lantern role. We need to be cautious about this rumor as it’s right now only coming from one source, but if the rumor ends up being true, it means that a Justice League movie is very likely happening.

Even if the Denzel Washington part of the rumor is false, all fans need is the Green Lantern casting search to be true to keep hope alive that Batman vs. Superman will be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers. Nothing is close to being official yet, but if Green Lantern is being cast by Warner Bros, then Zack Snyder’s picture is a lot bigger than we could have ever imagined.

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