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Star Wars Rebels Villain Further Revealed in Brand New Images (Photo)

We may still be two years away from J.J. Abrams revival of the iStar Wars franchise with Star Wars Episode VII, but that doesn’t mean 2014 won’t pack as much Star Wars punch as possible. Disney acquired the rights to the franchise from George Lucas in order to bring it back to the masses and the start of that is the television show Star Wars: Rebels, which is set to debut in Fall 2014.

Already the show is being hyped the way The Clone Wars was, something that both kids and adults can enjoy on multiple levels, and that sales pitch is something that has lots of Star wars fans excited to see what the show is all about. We’ve already been introduced to the main villain, The Inquisitor, and this week we saw even more with our first look at the action figure based on the character.

Now, you don’t have to be into action figures to appreciate the further look at this character. Like the show, this new image can be enjoyed on a few different levels. Action figure collectors can salivate over the sleek looking figure, while fans wanting a better look at the next great Star Wars villain can use the image as another look at the character.

For instance, you don’t have to be a collector to notice the odd lightsaber design nor the fact that the Darth Maul inspired duel-bladed lightsaber is making a comeback.

The Inquisitor looks like an awesome villain and this latest image of the character only further excites us for the premiere of Star Wars: Rebels later in 2014.

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