Dwayne Johnson Rumored as Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

We’re officially into 2014 which means that Zack Snyder and Warner Bros will be launching into production on the tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman and while a ton of casting dominos fell in 2013, another one may be falling shortly in 2014. Peter Georgiou from Think McFly Think is passing along a rumor that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be up for the role of Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman. 

Georgiou cautions that he’s not directly reporting something that was told to him, rather a second-hand rumor that might likely be nothing but smoke.

Still, this is something to consider as just the past weekend, Johnson heavily teased involvement in a DC project that is being worked on. This of course could just be Johnson trolling us all to make fun of the roundabout way Fast 7 co-star Vin Diesel lead fans on about being involved with Marvel.

Fans might not be so warm to brining in Johnson to a world that is considered darker and grittier than that of Marvel. The internet cynics have already thrown their hands up after Ben Affleck was cast as Batman and may be welcoming something potentially destructive like casting Johnson as Green Lantern.

Either way, the Johnson rumors and the Denzel Washington rumors do point to one thing we can all get onboard with — Green Lantern will likely be in Batman vs. Superman which means a Justice League movie is no doubt in the works.

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  • wat

    Batman vs. Superman has taught me that every “rumor” associated with this movie is full of sh*t. These sites are jumping at the opportunity for page views by adding a new casting rumor every day. He’s been rumored for Lobo, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, among many other characters. And he’s just ONE actor out of the menagerie of actors rumored to be in this movie such as Denzel Washington, Jason Mamoa(?), Terry O’quinn, Joaquin Phoenix, Bryan Cranston… The list goes on. Now I know every title with the word rumor in it associated to this movie is bullsh*t and not to even KINDA believe it.

  • Saros7

    What’s all these lower level blogs stealing limelight from other sites? Dwayne Johnson? Seriously? Sure the guy can fill a superhero suit with that big frame, but let’s, in all honesty hire SOMEONE else, we don’t need these big dumb stunt actors to be the ones to portray superheroes… The fans don’t need another Gal Gadot or a Jake Gyllenhaal to play superheroes

  • Musikonica

    Classic case of the game, Telephone. One guy tweets about hearing a flimsy rumour that Dwayne Johnson may be the Green Lantern, the next guy (Josh Hill) for no good reason, with it not part of the same tweet in any way, adds that he’d be Green Lantern in Batman Vs. Superman.

    IF Dwayne Johnson is the next Green Lantern, good for him. He could simply reboot the failed film Ryan Reynolds messed up. He does NOT need to also be appearing in Batman Vs Superman. So no idea how this guy just jumped to that conclusion.
    BUT, if they do toss Green Lantern in Batman Vs Superman (featuring Wonder Woman), then let’s drop the “Batman Vs. Superman” horsesh*t and just call it Justice League. And if DC can’t be patient and opts to make Justice League this soon, lol, good luck.