Kevin Smith Says 'Helena Handbag' Will Be a Musical Play, Not a Movie


If you were waiting for the next Kevin Smith movie after his upcoming Tusk, you’ll have to likely keep holding out for Clerks 3. After announcing that he’d be following up Tusk with yet another movie, the director has backed off that in the most Kevin Smith decision ever and set his sights on musical theater.

The Clerks director stated in late 2013 that his next film would be a religious comedy-drama called Helena Handbag but after writing just 20 pages of the script this week, he has decided that it’s easier to make the film into a musical play instead.

Smith tweeted out the news late on Wednesday night.

This is actually more interesting than if Smith had decided to make it into a movie. That’s not to say that Smith wouldn’t have made a good flick, as he’s in serious need of one right about now, but he’s a unique individual that has now conquered two different mediums. From his 90s indie films to his modern day take over of the Podcasting world, Smith is a king when he sets his mind to something.

Musical theater is a new outlet for him and a lot more people might flock to see Helena Handbag now that Smith has taken his talents to musical theater.

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