Louis C.K. says 'Louie' Will Likely End After 8 Seasons


Courtesy: FX

It’s been over a year since we last saw the hit FX series Louie from comedian Louis C.K. but that doesn’t mean the show is over. Fans of the show looking for new episodes feared the worst when no word came out of FX about the future of the show but the comedian himself has spoke up about the future of the show and says that it indeed is ending — in about eight years.

Jerry Seinfeld interviewed Louis C.K. as part of the new season of his own show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and learned that Louis C.K. intends on rounding the show out after eight seasons in total.

While this is great news, as Louie is one of the freshest and most original shows on television, we don’t know how many years it actually will be until we get to eight seasons. Louis C.K. has already skipped 2013 in terms of airing new episodes of the show and a summer 2014 premiere date is tentatively scheduled for season four of the show.

It’s very likely that the comedian will space out the seasons of his show which actually is a brilliant strategy to keep the show from getting stale by rushing out material. We don’t know when Louie will be coming back but it’s going to stick around for the foreseeable future even if it doesn’t show it’s face regularly.

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