The Walking Dead Season 4 Return Poster Teases Potential New Leader


When The Walking Dead midseason finale aired back in December, we didn’t know what to expect next as the entire prison gang has been splintered and scattered across the open landscape crawling with walkers. It’s looking like we can expect vignette episodes where each new weeks brings a new tale from a different survivor stranded from the group, but the new The Walking Dead poster teasing the return of the show reveals a new leader could be emerging.

AMC released a new The Walking Dead poster teasing the February 9, 2014 return of the show, and it features Rick’s son Carl as the central figure, hinting at a possible rise to power from the leader’s son.


So far Carl has been coming into his own lately, especially in terms of learning to handle himself in gruesome situations. He helped his father ward off wave upon wave of walkers earlier in the season when they crashed the fence of the prison and he also managed to not only stay alive during The Governor’s attack on the prison but managed to save some lives along the way.

Rick is a central leader in The Walking Dead which means that trait is in Carl’s blood. The new poster teases a more prominent role and it could be the Carl fully comes into his own in the second half of The Walking Dead‘s fourth season.

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