Robert Downey Jr. wants Mel Gibson to Star in 'Avengers 2'


Robert Downey Jr. successfully revived his career thanks to Marvel and his role as Iron Man, but he’s not about to just leave all of his friends behind in the dust. Despite grossing $1.2 billion last year, Downey Jr hasn’t forgot about his old acting buddy Mel Gibson and feels financially secure enough to stick his neck out for his pal.

According to SlashFilm, there’s a rumor floating around out there that the Iron Man star wants to help revive Gibson’s career by landing him a role in the upcoming Marvel epic, Avengers 2 (also titled Avengers: Age of Ultron).

Per Slashfilm and Radar Online:

He wants to bring Mel and Jodie into the Marvel universe, preferably in one of the Avengers films. It’s been a longtime dream of Robert’s to help Mel and Jodie reach similar big box office heights like the ones he’s achieved in recent years.”

There are three ways to revive a dead career in Hollywood: star in a hit indie film, get cast by Quentin Tarantino or star in a Marvel film. While Gibson would fit well in a Tarantino film, a Marvel role is a much quicker and more mainstream way to restore the public’s faith in you.

Gibson has had a rough go of things, but Downey Jr wasn’t a saint before he landed the role of Iron Man and cleaned up his life. Gibson  hasn’t turned out a solid picture since Braveheart back in 1995 and he’s long overdue for a glossy Hollywood comeback.

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  • Daniel Solzman

    Please DO NOT let this happen.

    • Kevin

      Why not? People went to see Mike Tyson on the Hangover movies and hes a convicted rapist, almost all of hollywood defended Roman Polansky and he’s a child rapist. Why should Gibson continue to be a pariah?

      • Daniel Solzman

        I’m Jewish and do not give my money to anti-Semitic actors.

        • Bill

          So don’t see it then if he is in it. Do Jewish people not believe in second chances, that people can change? RDJ changed.

        • johnjohnphenom

          Your Jewish, you don’t give your money to anyone.

  • Rhino40

    Actually I would love to see Mel Gibson come back in a big way. The man has amazing acting chops. Dare I say even better than RDJ. Even his movies that have sucked, you can never look at him and say, wow what a sucky acting job. The guy is amazing and he would bring weight and depth to any character.

  • Rehab

    Gibson is a great actor, plain and simple. No one in Hollywood cares about the coke-heads, heroine addicts, celebs that run people down with their cars, domestic abuse, child neglect, violence and gang shootings. But an anti-Semite that dared to make a movie about Christ? Dead career!

    • derpa

      I think it may have been the whole “I hope you get raped by Ni**ers” thing.

      • wat

        Definitely that. Lol

  • Les Labbauf

    Solid Picture Performance? How about Get The Gringo!

  • wat

    I don’t see people caring enough. Plus a movie like the Avengers would defeat the purpose of what RDJ wants for Mel. The movie is too full of characters and stars for Mel Gibson to stand out enough to have his career revived.

  • Ted

    I guess the author forgot about The Patriot?

  • Jango Soprano

    If Mel has repented, then yes, he should be forgiven. Hollywood can forgive the worst of the worst if the are on the left. The same should for the right.