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Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series to Tie-Into Movie

This summer sees the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy which is going to be the studio’s gamble on an unknown property on a wide audience. In a story that essentially features a rough and tough Avengers B-team, Marvel is selling Guardians of the Galaxy pretty hard and that could extend to an animated series debuting on Disney XD to tie into the film.

According to a rumor from Comic Book Movie, an animated series is apparently on its way, but nothing is close to being confirmed yet and the rumor needs to be taken with a grain of salt. If anyone is closely following the entertainment business, an animated series from Marvel isn’t anything groundbreaking as the studio has already dabbled in movie tie-in series.

After Avengers, Disney XD began airing Avengers Assemble and their desire to expand their product outside of comic shops and movie theaters is pretty well known. The only question is how well would an animated series based on Guardians of the Galaxy work, seeing as it’s more of a young adult story as compared to the younger appeal of Avengers.

Nothing else is known about the series, including if it’s actually happening or not. But with Marvel thirst to expand their universe,  it’s not surprising to imagine them wanting to get into the animated series business again.

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