The Simpsons Crack Classic 'Star Wars Episode VII' and Prequel Film Joke

It’s not often these days that The Simpsons does anything other than violate it’s own legacy, but every now and again the razor sharp wit the show used to have knifes through it’s own grave and makes an appearance. That was the case tonight when the show threw in a vintage Simpsons joke that was dripping of satire and laughs.

The joke actually had layers, something we’re not used to in Simpsons jokes anymore, as it made fun of both Star Wars Episode VIIthe prequel films and people that just can’t handle that the show isn’t what it used to be in terms of quality.

In the episode, Homer discovers that pirating movies is an easy way to not have to pay outrageous prices at the cinema and he can just watch at one and stay up to date with the latest films. This leads to him throwing movie nights in the family’s backyard, showing pirated films he’s illegally downloaded off of the internet.

One of the films he shows is the show’s spoof on Star Wars called Cosmic Wars with this specific episode being called Episode VII. The description detailed on the iconic Star wars opening crawl states that this new episode makes Episode I, Episode II and Episode III not count and erases them from history.

This leads to the crowd cheering, with Sideshow Mel proclaiming that his childhood has been un-ruined. The writers channel vintage Simpsons wit here by poking fun at the numerous Star Wars movies, the intense hatred from Original Trilogy fans towards the prequel films and people who just can’t accept that things change from out childhood — like the quality of The Simpsons.

It was a nice surprise to see a decent episode of the show, and it reminded us that The Simpsons is still capable of being witty when it wants to be.

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