Tupac Shakur was Supposed to Audition for 'Star Wars Episode I' Before 1996 Death


When Tupac Shakur was gunned down in 1996, we lost more than just one of the most talented rappers to have ever lived — we lost one of the most talented human beings to have ever lived. Tupac was not only the king of the rap game but he was also a talented actor, as we saw only briefly in his short life.

According to former Death Row chief engineer Rick Clifford, Tupac’s acting carer was on track to seriously take off prior to his untimely murder in 1996. Clifford states in an interview that Tupac told him that one of the movies he had lined up as a potential role in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and that he was keeping his fingers crossed that his audition with George Lucas would go well.

The audio was discovered by Redditor BieberBoy and while the interview may not be completely true, as there’s no way to vet it behind asking Lucas himself if he ever had Tupac in mind for a part in The Phantom Menace, it does bring up the topic of how Tupac’s acting career would have gone had he not been killed.

As far as the timeline of the supposed story, Tupac died in September 1996 which means that George Lucas would have been auditioning roles for a 1997 production start date on The Phantom Menace. So if nothing else, the story has that legitimacy to it, something someone making up a story wouldn’t likely know to cover.

We’ve seen the wild success of west coast rapper Ice Cube in movies these days, and given the sheer level of talent Tupac was operating on, it’s hard to imagine him not becoming a Hollywood heavy hitter these days. Musicians from Sean Combs to Idris Elba and more have branched into dramatic film successfully with Elba even garnering Oscar consideration this year.

It’s easy to say Tupac could have been an Oscar-worthy actor since we will never know, but this interview brings up a slew of emotions and topics about what Tupac could have been had he not been taken away as early in his life as he was.

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