Tupac Shakur was Supposed to Audition for ‘Star Wars Episode I’ Before 1996 Death


When Tupac Shakur was gunned down in 1996, we lost more than just one of the most talented rappers to have ever lived — we lost one of the most talented human beings to have ever lived. Tupac was not only the king of the rap game but he was also a talented actor, as we saw only briefly in his short life.

According to former Death Row chief engineer Rick Clifford, Tupac’s acting carer was on track to seriously take off prior to his untimely murder in 1996. Clifford states in an interview that Tupac told him that one of the movies he had lined up as a potential role in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and that he was keeping his fingers crossed that his audition with George Lucas would go well.

The audio was discovered by Redditor BieberBoy and while the interview may not be completely true, as there’s no way to vet it behind asking Lucas himself if he ever had Tupac in mind for a part in The Phantom Menace, it does bring up the topic of how Tupac’s acting career would have gone had he not been killed.

As far as the timeline of the supposed story, Tupac died in September 1996 which means that George Lucas would have been auditioning roles for a 1997 production start date on The Phantom Menace. So if nothing else, the story has that legitimacy to it, something someone making up a story wouldn’t likely know to cover.

We’ve seen the wild success of west coast rapper Ice Cube in movies these days, and given the sheer level of talent Tupac was operating on, it’s hard to imagine him not becoming a Hollywood heavy hitter these days. Musicians from Sean Combs to Idris Elba and more have branched into dramatic film successfully with Elba even garnering Oscar consideration this year.

It’s easy to say Tupac could have been an Oscar-worthy actor since we will never know, but this interview brings up a slew of emotions and topics about what Tupac could have been had he not been taken away as early in his life as he was.

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  • SubSumeYou

    ‘King of the rap game? Please. But, it would have been very interesting if Tupac had the chance to audition.

    • Mrteapot

      Course who needs 2Pac when we got lil wayne…………..

      • SubSumeYou

        Ugh, Lil Wayne. : (

  • Phil Asheeo

    Wow, really? The 90′s would have never been the same.

  • WallyIAm

    “…we lost one of the most talented human beings to have ever lived.”

    That’s some powerful hyperbole right there.

  • wat

    No bias (disregard my picture) but that would’ve been great. Tupac was absolutely passionate in everything he did, so I think had we not lost him so soon, he’d be one of the top actors in Hollywood today.

  • MartelsGhost

    Well I guess there was one way to make Phantom worse and that would have been to add Tupac to the cast. Tupac was not talented and certainly not “one of the MOST talented human beings ever to have lived.” He was a violent extremist man child born of two equally violent extremists. His sister killed a State Trooper and his step-father helped her escape prison. Tupac also killed a 6year old boy. But I guess the writer of this piece just wanted to kiss more hipster-a*s and make himself feel DIEversified and sheeeeeet.

    • Nothing But the Truth

      Wow, you lying, misinformed a$$hole. Tupac was not the shooter of the stray bullet that hit that 6 year old boy and has dedicated songs to the boy over the wrongful death.

      Also, Tupac WAS one of the most talented artists and human being to ever live whether you like it or not. Just because you found him violent (the WORLD is violent) does not mean he wasn’t incredibly talented. His artistic passion and social commentary are timeless and still impactful. Whether he rapped about respecting women, mourning his fallen friends, appreciating his mother, partying/having sex, or even killing people, you FELT it. Unless of course you’re a person like yourself who looks at a person at face value. As an actor, that same passion carried over perfectly. Acting was Tupac’s first passion and he would’ve made an excellent actor had he not left the world so soon.

      That man had wisdom beyond his years. Yes, he was a loose cannon, but how dare you take away from the talent that man possessed? That’s like saying Einstein was an idiot because he had a tendency to get into fistfights. And no, I’m not comparing Tupac to Einstein.

      • MartelsGhost

        You make it readily apparent that you have no taste at all and no ability to notice a violent thug for what it is. You must have fun in delusion world. Just don’t forget to take your meds.

        You really think his “peeps” didn’t cover up his accidental discharge? And then the sh*thead makes more money from the accident? What a complete and utter as*hole…………….

        Einstein didn’t get into fist fights because HE WAS ACTUALLY INTELLIGENT AND A GIFTED MATHEMATICIAN. Tupac was over-expressing his violent tendencies in a desperate attempt to cover up his own insecurities seemingly stemming from his ballet training and down-low lifestyle.

        You “felt” something from his music? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Thats pathetic.

        Rap music sucks and Tupac was just as bad as any of them since they all sound the exact same.

        “How Dare I”? How dare you cover up mediocrity in a pathetic attempt to exalt an untalented violent criminal to legendary status even though all they did was act badly, sing horribly, live violently and then get shot.

        You need help. You really do. You and all the other fanboys out there need to grow up and see these clowns for what they really were, advertisements for a thug culture sold to teenagers to make them feel tough.

  • Annon76

    Tupac was an mediocre rapper and useless at everything else.
    He was a child killing murderous thug who was the original asshat who used the “but I’m a product of my environment/ upbringing ” excuse for all the stupid things he did with his life. (making bad music amongst them)

    Good riddance to the self promoting narcissistic violent idiot.
    The rest of you….
    Get over it already.

    • MartelsGhost

      well said.