Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1, Episode 12: Live Stream, Start Time, TV Info and More


It’s no secret that not a lot of critics or fans like Dads, but if you’ve ever seen a few minutes of that show it’s because you’re waiting so you don’t miss a minute of the one that follows it. Andy Samberg has answered haters who said he couldn’t make it on television after Saturday Night Live as he now has a hit show on FOX in the cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The show is such a hit that it has not only secured a post-Super Bowl slot on FOX, but it garnered two Golden Globe nominations this season.

Check out the episode synopsis so you can find out what tonight’s action will be about:

Captain Holt receives death threats and Jake is put in charge of his security, a job he enjoys and abuses as much as he can. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to get the precinct to take a Christmas photo for Holt, but a lack of enthusiasm and Rosa’s refusal to smile defeats her efforts. Also, Sergeant Terry Jeffords gets his mojo back.

So when does the new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiere and how can you watch it if you miss the initial airing? We have all the information you need right here so you don’t miss a minute of the action:

Date: Tuesday, January 7th
Episode Title: “Pontiac Bandit”
Start Time: 8:30 p.m. ET
Watch: FOX
Online Stream: and Hulu Plus

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