Cleveland Browns Draft Movie 'Draft Day' Gets R-Rating Reversed to PG-13


When Ivan Reitman and his crew for Draft Day had up at the NFL Draft this past summer, the thinking was that they were making some fluffy piece that would please the NFL and mooch off of it’s fans base by dragging them to the cinema. But when the MPAA gave the film an R-rating after viewing it, our perception of the content changed.

The trailer suggests that it’s a step above a Disney movie, such as Million Dollar Arm, but the R-rating suggests otherwise. While lots of NFL fans would like to see an adult focused NFL Draft movie that deals with the behind the scenes action of one of the biggest days on the football calendar, the rating has been changed after an appeal from Lionsgate and Ivan Reitman.

Lionsgate, the studio behind the film, challenged the rating and won it’s appeal to get it lowered to a much more box office friendly PG-13 rating.

While this is a major win for a movie looking to reach a wide audience, an audience sliced in half by an R-rating, it means that the film might be watered down in order to pander.

But unlike other instances where cuts are made to the film to lower the rating, the appeal means that no cuts were made, otherwise it would have been a compromise. So we will still be seeing the supposed ‘R’ version of Draft Day when it hits theaters, which suggests that Reitman maybe doesn’t pull punches and has crafted an NFL Draft movie that isn’t just a commercial for the NFL.

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