Homeland Actor Rupert Friend to Replace Paul Walker in 'Hitman' Sequel 'Agent 47'


When Paul Walker died tragically in a car accident back in November, it took us some time to even begin to worry about the future of the films he was involved with at the time of his death. But now that the studios have had month to grieve, they have the hard task of replacing the actor in the movies he was slated to star in.

One of those films was the sequel to the video game movie Hitman. The film, titled Agent 47, was supposed to be one of Walker’s next films although he died before shooting could begin. His part has now been recast with Homeland actor Rupert Friend stepping into Walker’s shoes.

Per Variety:

“Homeland” star Rupert Friend has come on board to replace Paul Walkerin Fox International productions pic “Agent 47.” … Plot details are unknown but the film is a sequel to the 2007 “Hitman” movie starring Timothy Olyphant that was based off the Square Enix video game.

Walker was set to star in the film, replacing Timothy Olyphant in the lead role. That role has now been handed over to Friend who will use it as a potential big break to his career outside of the success he’s had on Homeland.

The decision to replace Walker is the second time since his death that a major movie has decided to alter its production. Fast and Furious 7 chose to retire his long running character Brian O’Connor rather than replace him following his death.

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  • Matías Polako

    if you’re starting again, why not at least try to do it the best way possible!?

    As in the first one, they never understood who 47 is, how he looks
    like, or even how old he supposed to be or how he sounds like! Olyphant
    wasnt a good choise for the role, Walker less, and this one (whoever he is)
    doesn’t look like neither… If you see The Iceman you will see that
    Michael Shannon is the best choise. Just watch it and picture it bald,
    is like a slightly more psychopath 47…

    • mikewest007

      You know what was the worst about the first movie?
      The last-minute changes. I read a script that looked pretty final to me, and as much as I can understand ditching an introductory scene in which 47 infiltrates a party in Hungary to assassinate a “meat king”, what is changed next is mind-boggling.
      For example, in the script, it’s Robert Knepper’s FSB agent that puts the whole presidential assassination in motion – in order to replace the president with a body double loyal to him. It’s not bald guys in suits chasing 47 down, but corrupt Spetsnaz operatives. There’s no idiotic swordfight in a railway car. And Dougray Scott’s Interpol agent manages to unravel the whole plan by delivering a recording of the conversation between the mastermind and the presidential double to a Russian general.

  • Aniga

    Statham was our first choice..

  • uberfu

    “The decision to replace Walker is the second time since his death that a major movie has decided to alter its production.”

    Um… if they were not going to replace him – what were they going to do ? Hire some CGI crew and animate him into all his movie projects. That seems like a really stupid statement.