Amazon Prime to Exclusively Stream All 'Veronica Mars' Seasons for Free

Amazon Prime has had a lot of growing up to do before it was considered on the same level as Netflix, but after hinting its skills and carving out it’s niche, the service is now right up there among streaming giants. Part of the power of Amazon is it’s ability to offer so many programs both for free and for pay, and it has struck another one of it’s signature exclusive deals that is sure to bring in some viewers.

Amazon announced that it has struck a deal to stream all the seasons of the cult show Veronica Mars on it’s service. This means that if you’re a subscriber to Amazon Prime, you have the entire catalog of Veronica Mars episodes absolutely free.

Per SlashFilm:

“The Veronica Mars series has been popular on DVD and Amazon Instant Video for years, so we know how much Amazon customers love this iconic television show,” said Brad Beale, Amazon’s director of digital video content acquisition. “We are excited to become the exclusive subscription streaming home forVeronica Mars and to be able to offer the entire TV series to Prime members to enjoy at no additional charge.”

The deal comes on the heels of the first trailer released for the movie based on the television show. The film doesn’t come out for another nine months, but Amazon is way ahead of the release with this deal to stream the show for free to it’s customers. Not only does the deal open up the show to a new audience of existing members, but it also means that Amazon could see a boost in membership from fans of the show wanting access to the catalog.

Amazon’s deal with the show means that Netflix, Hulu and other services cannot stream the show for free to it’s customers the way Amazon is now able to.

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