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Kristen Bell stars in first 'Veronica Mars' movie poster

When it was announced that a Veronica Mars movie was indeed happening, fans of the cult series couldn’t wait to get their hands on new material. It had been years since anything new from the cancelled series had surfaced, but Veronica Mars successfully did what few television series have ever been able to do — it came back to its fans.

The movie, which was crowdsourced through Kickstarter, debuted its first trailer this past week and the first poster for the film has been released. It’s a simple looking poster, but it gives the impression of a much more mature look at Veronica Mars and prominently features series star Kristen Bell, who “thought she was out…” but has been pulled back in.


The film will be an adaptation of the series but will give fans a full circle and complete story as opposed to the way the series abruptly ended back in the mid-2000s.

Veronica Mars isn’t just a movie that fans of the show are lucky to see, it’s an experiment in bringing back cancelled television shows as movies for one final run. HBO is doing a similar thing with their Entourage movie and other cancelled series may look to the success or failure of Veronica Mars to see if they too can pull it off.

We will all find out how this experiment goes when Veronica Mars hits theaters on March 14, 2014.

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