Shia LaBeouf Announces He's Retiring from Acting

When Shia LaBeouf was busted for plagiarism in late 2013, we weren’t sure how bizarre the story would become. If you fought the story would end with an apology, you were dead wrong as not only did LaBeouf’s apology spawn even more controversy, it has led to the actor’s retirement.

In the wake of the plagiarism scandal and the backlash that stemmed from it, LaBeouf has decided that it’s time for him to retire from “public life”, which naturally includes acting in movies seen by the public.

This could end up being even more bizarre behavior from LaBeouf in the form of a Joaquin Phoenix public prank, but it’s truly hard to tell what this is. Clearly something is going on in LaBeouf’s personal life and at the risk of speculating, situations like this are usually prompted by substance abuse.

LaBeouf has struggled with alcohol before and that could also be a cause for this entire sequence of outbursts. Whatever is going on, it look alike LaBeouf’s career is on hiatus for now, which directly affects projects he’s involved in at the moment like Brad Pitt’s WWII movie Fury.

Do you think LaBeouf is retiring or is this more attention seeking antics? Sound off in the comment section with your theories on this bizarre retirement announcement.

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